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Causes or how do you get pancreatitis

What causes pancreatitis? The reasons for pancreatitis are very diverse but the main ones are:

  • alcohol abuse
  • gall bladder diseases
  • unhealthy diet
  • low-grade products
  • intoxication
  • hormonal disorders
  • vascular diseases
  • injury of the pancreas
  • various infections
  • drugs such as antibiotics and natriuretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and steroid drugs, analgesics and many others
  • congenital and acquired anatomical abnormalities
  • heredity


The first two reasons cover almost 90% of all the cases.

It is a mistake to believe that alcohol affects only the liver. The fact that the liver up to a certain point is able to cope with the harmful effects of alcohol due to its enzymes that can digest and break down alcohol. However, the pancreas does not have those enzymes. Alcohol hurts the gland, which does nothing to protect against toxicity. Such cases are called alcoholic pancreatitis.

The second cause of the pancreatitis associated with diseases of the biliary tract. The point is that the bile ducts are connected by a single channel with pancreatic ways. It turns out that any infection in the pancreas can quickly travel to the gall bladder and vice versa. Also gallstones can move along output paths and one day clog the common duct. As a result, the enzymes that the pancreas produces will go nowhere and they will start to eat away the tissue of the gland from the inside. But an attack of pancreatitis can be caused by the duodenum itself. It has a Fatherof nipple where all the output paths combine. If there is an inflammation near the papilla, the clearance can significantly narrow that might cause a mixture of bile and pancreatic juices. It should be noted that the blending of these two components can cause permanent and severe consequences.

Usually pancreatitis can be two types: acute or chronic. They both have the same causes.  Acute pancreatitis has a short-term influence most of the time without any serious permanent damage. The chronic one can last for years destroying the pancreas.